9 years later, woman discovers she has wrong wedding dress

Mix-up ruins plans to renew vows

LARGO, Fla. - It's a wedding dress disaster for one Pinellas County woman who was hoping to relive her big day.

She got a surprise she never expected while planning to renew vows with her husband.

Marie Keeney and her husband Shawn have great memories of their wedding, November 13, 2004, in the backyard of their Pinellas Park home. From her son forgetting the ring, to the surprise pink sneakers she wore.

It was such a perfect day, they decided to renew their vows, celebrating their 10-year anniversary, and letting their younger son join in the party.

"We said, 'Well let's just do it again. Let's do the whole thing all over again, exactly like it was, same dress, same everything. It would be fun,'" said Keeney.

But the idea blew up when Keeney opened up the box her beloved wedding dress had been preserved in.

She discovered the dress isn't hers.

"I was so furious because I've held on to this dress for almost ten years, and I trusted it was my dress," said Keeney.

The way it was packaged, only the front of the dress is visible. And she never noticed until she got it out of the box.

"This is not my dress. My dress doesn't button. My dress doesn't have bustles, my dress doesn't have bows," she said.

Keeney's receipt shows Wedding Gown Preservation boxed up the dress. ABC Action News contacted the New York-based company. 

A company representative said they're trying trace back the mix up, but haven't been able to figure out what happened yet.

While she doubts she'll ever get her dress back, Keeney is hopeful someone out there will recognize the one she has, so she can get it back to correct bride.

"It's a beautiful dress. Somebody has to be missing this," she said.

The Keeneys still plan on renewing their vows and recreating their special day, but Marie will likely have to do it in a new dress.

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