81-year-old Gulfport veteran tied up, robbed


81 year-old Louis Fierro still has his arms covered in bruises and gets very emotional every time he talks about the incident that now has left him scarred.

"I woke up this morning in bed and I saw him standing over me with a knife, and I screamed out,' he says in his Gulfport home.

Fierro, a Korean War veteran, says he usually has his neighbor's son, 24-year-old Nathan Rewert over to mow his lawn and pays him as a way to help him out.

Instead, he says, Rewert took advantage of his kindness on Friday evening.

Fierro tells ABC Action News Rewert followed him into his home that night, and immediately started tying up the veteran with every single form of tape he could get his hands on.

"My feet were all tied up with masking tape, my legs, and he kept coming in and putting more tape and more tape," Fierro says.

Fierro says he was tied up to his bed and was scared to move for the next hour, unbeknownst to him, Rewert had already made out with his brand new Camaro and was racing up I-75 in Pasco County.

Also missing from Fierro's pockets, at least $200 in cash and several credit cards.

He was able to chew through the tape around his mouth and summoned the strength to free himself, and found his phones in his home disconnected.

He tried to run out in the street and get help from people driving by his Gulfport Boulevard home, but couldn't get any.

"I couldn't call. I ran out into the street, nobody would help me. Nobody would stop," Fierro said as tears welled up in his eyes.

His new Camaro was armed with OnStar and as soon as Fierro was able to call 911, police tracked Rewert to Pasco County and were able to electronically shut down the car, and deputies there took Rewert in.

Rewert is now sitting in the Pasco County Jail facing multiple charges, including vehicle theft and home invasion robbery.

Fierro says he tried to help Rewert before when he found out he had drug problems, he says, but he says his fate is now sealed.

"He doesn't want help. I don't care if they throw the book at him, he could have killed me too," Fierro said.

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