Third attack on a cyclist in Pinellas in a week's span

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. - For the third time in a week, someone has reported being attacked on the Pinellas Trail in St. Petersburg.

This time it was a woman who was riding alone on Sunday morning near 24th St. S and 6th Ave. S.

Covered in scrapes in bruises, the latest victim tells us she was robbed of her bike and thrown to the floor by a man who popped up out of nowhere with a crazy look in his eyes.
She lost the struggle and then in a daze, tried looking for help.

"Another man came walking across the trail, looking at me and walked right by me," she says as she was wandering bloody.


Eventually she did find some more people.


"I went up to the fence and said, 'will somebody please help me? I was just attacked.' An older man looked at me, shook his head and walked away," she tells us.


But she did find help from a woman who called 911 and police were able to locate the man and arrest him, and bring her bike back.


Last week, police say a couple that was cycling was attacked on the trail in South St. Pete, the woman was pistol whipped and her boyfriend kicked on the ground.


Then later that night, another woman was robbed of her purse on the trail.


Police say they've had some suspects in the first serious incident, but they are still closely monitoring them.


It is unknown if the two incidents that happened on the same day are connected.


But what they have done, spokesman Mike Puetz says, is step up their patrols and put more undercover officers on the trail.


"We're trying keep our presence on the trail more, especially given the recent events," Puetz said.


This victim, who has never felt threatened before on the trail tells us she's afraid to travel on certain parts now.


"I would just stay out of that area, period. I mean as it is now," she said.


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