Winds and rain blast roadside fireworks stand

Fierce winds ripped through Zephyrhills Thursday afternoon, and took down a fireworks tent.
It happened just before 1:00, and left the workers scrambling to try and save all the rockets and sparklers from the heavy rain.
But most of that stuff is trashed.  Thousands of dollars in fireworks were destroyed.
The stand is on SR 54 at Allen Road.
The workers say they thought about riding it out under the tent, but then took cover inside a truck.  A decision that may have saved them from serious injury.
Will Chaff, a worker at the stand said, "If we would have been sitting here when it tipped over, we probably would have been needing to go to the hospital or something like that."
His co-worker, Tommy Schamber said, "It is what it is.  You can't fight mother nature.  She takes and she gives as much as she takes."
The workers say the aren't yet sure if the stand will open up again.
They had about half their stock on display in the tent.  The rest was safe in a trailer.
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