Twin Wesley Chapel teenagers make their mark in the fashion world

WESLEY CHAPEL, Fla - Allie Malott proudly shows off a dozen pieces from her and twin sister's fashion line.

"Our pieces range from $600 to $2,000," she siad.

It's a high end line of clothing and dresses all designed by the teen twin sisters, pricey as Prada, thanks to semi precious stones, organic materials, and one of a kind prints created by either Amber or Allie. The line appropriately called, "Twin."

"Allie and I are are identical twins and we thought it worked," said Amber.

Right now, the 18-year-olds are talking to fashion houses across the world and also just launched a website called twindesigns.  They have the resources to do it thanks to their first business venture they started when they were only 16, a high end consignment store in their Wesley Chapel neighborhood. They just shut it down weeks ago so they could concentrate on TWIN.

"It's a lot of work but I think it is worth it," said Amber.

Their mom, Lori, said she knew her daughters were destined for design. So, she and her husband took a chance, started homeschooling the girls, financed the opening of their boutique, and let the girls pursue their dream. It paid off big.

"We were shipping things worldwide. We actually had things in our boutique that you could not buy in America,"  said Lori.

And she is just as confident about her daughters' new ventures. They now work out of the house in a home office.

"One day you will say Chanel, Twin, and Prada," said Lori.

The girls think so too. They haven't decided on college yet. But one thing they know for sure.

"This is real career, we can follow our dreams and make something that is really great and different," said Allie.

"It's going to be very successful and be around for a very long time," Amber said.


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