Parents speak out against proposed cell tower at Seven Oaks Elementary

WESLEY CHAPEL, Fla. - Holding paperwork and a petition with more than 500 signatures, Sanela Dzanan is urging the Pasco County School Board to vote down a proposal that would build a cell phone tower next to her children's school.
"It's out there. Research is out there that it is dangerous," Dzanan said.

You can't miss them. The tall towers have popped up at several schools in Pasco County already. They generate thousands of dollars in revenue a year, according to district documents.

The School Board is currently deliberating whether or not to install another one in front of Seven Oaks Elementary School. A group of passionate parents are trying to stop them.

Right now, there is a Facebook group with more than 200 members.

"Where do we draw the line," Dzanan asked.

"Do we put money before our kids health? I do not."

The parents fear the towers will expose children and school staff to radiation, which they believe could ultimately cause major health problems.

"I'm not a rocket scientist, but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that there are side effects and there will be side effects," local mother Claudia Reyes said.

The School Board was supposed to vote on the issue at Tuesday morning's meeting, but instead decided to reschedule the vote at the suggestion of Superintendent Kurt Browning.

Browning said he is still unsure, himself, how he feels about the towers.

"I do understand the parents concerns," Browning said.

"You will see research out there that shows that it causes all kinds of health issues, but yet on the other side you will find just as much research that says it causes no health concerns."

But to these parents, any risk at all just isn't worth it.

"If there is a one percent chance that a kid might end up with leukemia, let's not take it," Dzanan said.

The board is now scheduled to vote on the matter at their meeting on December 17.

Parents are planning to hold their own informational session before then at the Seven Oaks clubhouse on December 9.

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