Sheriff: Two women found after Hudson fire were murdered

LAND O' LAKES, Fla. - Sheriff Chris Nocco revealed that the deaths of two young women found in a fire in Hudson on Monday were homicides.

Before the smoke cleared at the Pine Street house where roommates Jessica Keith and Amber Lynn Jordan had just moved, the Pasco County Sheriff's Office was looking at the home as much more than a fire scene.

Nocco said the killings weren't random acts. Investigators have received a tip that drug activity occurred at the house.

"We want them to realize these were high-probability victims," Nocco said in a news conference outside his Land O'Lakes office.

While investigators are being mostly tight-lipped on specifics, they did allow that the fire didn't cover the killer's tracks too well.

"From the outset we realized that we had a crime scene because their deaths -- and how they occurred -- was undetermined," said Criminal Investigations Commander Capt. Mel Eakley. "Today we did receive information from the Medical Examiner's Office that both victims died as the result of homicidal violence."

A dark colored car was seen leaving the area right around the time the fire was reported, and any additional information on that would be appreciate. The sheriff said his detectives are already following some good leads… and believe the killer is within reach.

"So if there's a message to the suspects (it's) we're coming for you," Nocco said. "We have a very good idea who you are. We know where you've been and we're going to keep coming because we're going to be two steps ahead of you and we'll be waiting for you."

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