Search of Lake Jovita ends with no further leads in murder of Jennifer Odom

After two days of searching in a Pasco County lake, investigators are no closer to solving the murder of 12-year-old Jennifer Odom.
Odom was abducted and killed 20 years ago, but a recent tip led authorities to Lake Jovita in San Antonio.
So many were hopeful that something in the lake would help crack the cold case, but dive teams came up with nothing and wrapped up around 2:00 Wednesday afternoon.
Mary Epperson of San Antonio was going for a walk Wednesday, right past where law enforcement had set up to continue their search.
She lived in East Pasco County when Jennifer Odom was killed.  "It rocked us. It shook us up and made us feel like you can't leave your kid at your own driveway."
A tip brought investigators, including the FBI to Lake Jovita. Dive teams looked for evidence in the murky waters.
Denise Moloney with the Hernando County Sheriff's Office said, "They are encountering some plant life, some debris that's in the lake.  He said down near the bottom it's pretty much zero visibility, it's very black down there."
They searched all day Tuesday and came back Wednesday, but eventually called off the effort. 
It's just another tip that led to another dead end.  And another disappointment for those who have followed this horrible case from the beginning.
"A lot of people haven't forgotten," said Robert Luffman of San Antonio.  "They would like to see whoever did it get their due."
"It's bothered me for a long time," said Epperson.  "I think it bothers everybody here, that there's nothing that has come of that, not one piece of hard evidence that points to anybody."
Authorities said they have gotten hundreds of tips on the case, and this was just another one.  One that got a lot of attention because of the manpower they used in the residential area.
The Hernando County Sheriff's Office has a detective assigned full time to the case, and they will continue to try and solve it.
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