Road rage victim says he was pulled out of truck, beaten

Daughter watches father attacked

SHADY HILLS, Fla. - The Pasco Sheriff's Office hasn't made any arrests in this case, but several witnesses say they all saw it happen at the exit to the Walgreens just South of County Line Road in Shady Hills.

David Archer and his daughter were trying to leave when things turned violent.

"I, honest to God, don't know if he was having a bad day, or if he was just always irate," said Archer.

It started as a ordinary trip to the pharmacy, but ended with what Archer says is a case of road rage.

As they tried to make a left turn on Shady Hills Road, the Hudson resident says he and his daughter encountered a man in a dump truck who pulled in front of him and stopped.

"All I did was throw my arms up and say 'what the hell' and then I went to back up," said Archer.

But next thing he knew, Archer says the truck driver opened the door to his pick-up and pulled him out.
"As soon as he hit me with the door, he pulled the door out and I went face down. Of course being this high, this hit me right in the knees."

Archer says the much larger truck driver starting kicking him in the face.  "I can't even tell you how many times I got kicked.  My glasses that I was wearing got shattered in pieces."

Debra Archer says she was "screaming at my dad because I was freaking out.  You don't want to see your dad get beat up."

Eventually, others ran over to help, and Archer says the truck driver sped away, leaving him too bruised and battered to keep up with all the chores at his family's horse rescue.

"I can't do any of it right now," said Archer.

"It takes a lot for somebody to do something like that, not knowing the other person, just being all road rage and going after somebody, it's not right," said Debra.

Some of the witnesses were able to get the truck's tag number and the company name that was on it.

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