Rapid ID gadget makes identifying suspects easier

Finger print scanner

NEW PORT RICHEY, Fla. - When authorities came across a man last week, he told them his name was Richard Pancheco.  He even had a traffic ticket with that name on it.

But thanks to a handy gadget, the Pasco Sheriff's office quickly realized he was actually Nathan Carreras, and wanted for burglary in Hernando County.

"It will actually scan my print and take a picture of it right on the screen there," said Deputy Dan Fenstemacher.

Fenstemacher says the Rapid ID finger print scanner is making their job a lot easier and keeping suspects from lying about who they are.

"If the prints are in FDLE's database, it will come back as a hit.  For example, that person might have had a warrant, and that's the whole reason he was giving us a false name, because he didn't want to go to jail," said the deputy.

Deputies have all kinds of technology to use these days, like laser-guided radars.

"I can go out to busy (US) 19 and there are several hundred cars coming at me.  I can pick out any car I want," said Fenstemacher.

And, of course, computers.  "We can print out a ticket right on on this little printer right here."

And now more are getting their own scanners.

Although people can refuse the fingerprinting if authorities don't have probable cause.

As for Carreras, along with burglary, he is also facing charges for giving police false information. Credit that to the Rapid ID.

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