Port Richey city manager Tom O'Neill sentenced for 2013 DUI charge

NEW PORT RICHEY, Fla. - Port Richey City Manager Tom O'Neill was in court on Monday, sentenced for DUI.

As the I-Team previously reported, O'Neill was found in a red SUV parked in the middle of a residential road on July 13, 2013.  The SUV was idling in neutral.

Prosecutors did not specifically seek jail time, but the State Attorney asked  for an enhanced penalty based on  a prior DUI in 1996.

On Monday, Judge Anne Wansboro sentenced O'Neill to one year of probation, a 6 p.m. curfew, $1,000 fine, no alcohol bars or clubs and he is required to have an interlock device on his vehicle for a year.

The interlock device requires the driver to submit a breath sample before the vehicle will start. If a breath-alcohol concentration of 0.05 or higher is detected by the device, the vehicle will not start.

In a written statement, O'Neill told ABC Action News, "I misjudged my personal condition and thought I was okay and I wasn't.  I have made a decision to make better life choices and an incident of this nature will never happen again."  

Court documents obtained by ABC Action News showed O'Neill had a .367 blood alcohol content level, four times the legal limit.  That level was obtained from a blood draw after O'Neill was taken to a nearby hospital, hours later.

On September 5, O'Neill turned in his resignation, but city council ultimately rejected it, and offered him another alternative, if he received treatment.

See the Port Richey city manager DUI timeline here: http://wfts.tv/L3IVl3

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