Pasco superintendent makes rezoning changes

Final vote next month
Posted at 10:21 AM, Dec 14, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-14 10:21:36-05
Some parents who live in Wesley Chapel’s Meadow Point community thought their kids were safe after a rezoning committee set new boundaries, until they got an email from the Pasco superintendent, Kurt Browning, on Monday.
“His changes are a flip flop,” said parent Sasha Lash.
Browning made adjustments to the committee’s recommendation including moving part of Meadow Point to Wesley Chapel high school on the other side of State Road 56.
While at the same time leaving the Seven Oaks Community going to Wiregrass Ranch.
“It came as a great shock. There was different thoughts of upset. Not understanding. Trying to trust the process but feeling like there was some ethical thing that must have been wrong there,” said parent Queenisha Hamilton-Grein.
“There are those that love me and those who don’t love me,” said Browning.
Browning said he understands those who are upset with the changes, but says somebody has to make the tough decisions.
“We have overcrowded schools all along the 54 corridor and I get emails from parents saying they don’t want the overcrowded conditions. So we want you to fix it, but you don’t want you to move our kids,” he said.
The rezoning efforts have led to heated, emotional debate from parents on both sides of the county.
Some contend Browning is being influenced by certain communities. 
But he said he hasn’t had any private meetings with anyone about the changing boundaries.
“I don’t care who you are. I don’t care where you live. What we need to do as a school district is what’s in the best interest of the kids that we serve.”
On Pasco’s west side, Browning said he just added to what the boundary committee already came up with by moving the Deer Park neighborhood to Gulf High School.
“Why put this boundary committee out there if you aren’t going to go with their recommendation,” said Lash.
Parents can still be heard before the final vote.
The school board is holding public hearings Tuesday and then again January 17th.