Pasco Fire Rescue responds to sinkhole that eats part of driveway in Holiday

HOLIDAY, Fla. - Audrey Driver says she rushed over to see her friend, Carol Bowers, who discovered that half her driveway had disappeared. The 72-year old usually parks her car outside, but now it's trapped in her garage.

"These sinkholes get bigger and bigger. So you don't know how close it's going to be to your own house." 

George Kimball lives next door to the apparent sinkhole, and now he's concerned that his home might be next.  He first found out when a neighbor walking her dog told him to look outside.

"And she says, 'Do you know there's a sinkhole next door to you?  It's a real bad one.'  So I came out and looked, and I couldn't believe my eyes," Kimball said.

Pasco County Fire Rescue estimates the hole to be 20 feet wide and about 20 feet deep.  Firefighters say Bowers was fortunate that she looked out her window instead of just backing out of the garage.

"That would be very bad. We'd have had a vehicle in a hole and her possibly injured," said Dennis Desalvo with Pasco County Fire Rescue.

An engineer is expected to examine the hole on Monday, but in the meantime, some residents are worried about their homes.

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