Pasco County inmates scare kids straight


Inmates in Pasco County used the message of their stories, to scare kids straight at Zephyrhills High School.

But the highlight of the video was the message recorded by Brittney Miles, a 24-year-old Pasco woman who in 2011, led Pasco County Sheriffs on a wild chase through two counties reaching speeds of over 100 miles an hour.

Pasco County Sheriff's deputies say another deputy was flung off of the car Miles was driving, and a Hernando County motorcyclist was killed when they say she slammed into him as he waited at a red-light.

"I drove home from work, some things happened, I ended up getting into a car accident and I killed a man," Miles said in a video recorded from the Pasco County jail.

She told about a group of 20 students in her video, "I want to be able to at least let these kids know that its not just 'oh it cant happen to me.'"

The Zephyrhills students sat in silence as the messages from inmates were played, and Pasco County Sheriffs Deputies walked them through the inmate process.

Miles faces 15 years in prison for the chase that started in Pasco County, but she's still facing murder charges in Hernando County for allegedly killing Henry McCain as he sat at a red-light when she crashed into him.

Melanie Snow with the Pasco County Sheriff's office conducted the interview, and hopes the students took it to heart.

"It was a surprise, but I feel like it will be something that resonates with our youth," Snow said.

Miles also signed a release to make the video public, but it also means the video can be seen in court during her upcoming trial.

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