Pasco County Election Results for Municipal Elections

On Tuesday, elections were held in New Port Richey, St. Leo and Zephyrhills.

In New Port Richey, voters were asked to elect two council members. 

Chopper Davis: 15.04%
Bob Langford: 13.31%
Michael Malterer: 12.24%
Ginny Miller: 13.16%
Rose M. Mohr: 14.58%
Jeff Starkey: 21.11%
Jonathan Tietz: 10.56%

In St. Leo, voters were asked to fill two town commissioner seats.

Results for Seat 2:

Gregory P. Smith: 19.08%
Sean M. VanGuilder: 10.53%
James W. Wells: 70.39%

Results for Seat 4:

William E. Hamilton: 32.05%
Robert L. Inslee: 67.95%

In Zephyrhills, voters were asked to decide two council seats and three propositions.

Results for Council Seat 1:

Manny Funes: 31.53%
Lance Smith: 68.47%

Results for Council Seat 3:

Kent Compton: 64.25%
Rose M. Hale: 35.75%

Proposition 1: Asked voters to amend the city's charter, to change the length of time council members serve to three years.

Yes: 62.30%
No: 37.70%

Proposition 2: Asked voters to amend the city's charter, to allow the Vice President of the city council to preside over meetings in the President's absence.

Yes: 88.25%
No: 11.75%

Proposition 3:  Asked voters to amend the city charter, to change the length of time the mayor serves to three years.

Yes: 63.50%
No: 36.50%

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