Pagan witch says her home was targeted

Acid bombs and pellet guns used in attacks

New Port Richey - A Pasco County couple is living in fear after some violent attacks at their home.

The multi-colored house is impossible to miss.

"We call it the Glitter Dome," said Randy Withers.

Inside is just as colorful and includes a shrine to all things Disney.

"We absolutely adore all the fun that goes with it, but the diversity that's embraced is what also draws us in," said Kryja Withers.

But the Withers say their New Port Richey home, designed to make people happy, is now a target, because of their Pagan faith.

"It's a shame that this perpetuation of fear must continue," said Kryja Withers.

Kyrja authors children's books featuring a bunny named Rupert who learns about Pagan holidays.

She says along with her Wiccan beliefs, she is a practicing elemental witch.

"We are perceived to be bad people and hurting children, and nothing could be further from the truth," said Withers.

The harassment started with people yelling expletives as they drove by and others leaning on their horns.

But last month someone fired a pellet gun at the home.

"I hear pop, pop, and something jumped off the wall at me and it turned out to be the shards of glass from the window," said Kyja.

And two weeks ago on the same day as the Boston bombings, two acid bombs were tossed on their front yard.

"We couldn't sit down to our dinner table for one hour, not for one hour without being concerned that someone else was coming by to do something to us," she said.

Kyrja and Randy say they are getting help from local authorities, the New Port Richey police department has this patrol car parked out front. But they are also getting support from the Lady Liberty League, a national Pagan religious freedom and civil rights support organization.

"We are assisting law enforcement in helping protect Kyrja, her family, and home," said Rev. Selena Fox, Executive Director of Lady Liberty League.  Many of LLL's recommendations for the Withers have now been put into effect.  The organization will continue to assist law enforcement and work with Kyrja and her family to ensure their safety as the situation unfolds."

Police have questioned some area high schoolers who may be responsible for some of the harassment, but they are still looking for whoever crossed the line into violence. They say it could be considered a hate crime.

"They are really good people and they don't deserve to be treated like this. We are going to do whatever we can to prevent anything further from happening," said detective Greg Williams.

The Withers are offering a $200 reward to help catch whoever attacked their home, but they are more interested in turning this into a opportunity to teach.

"We need to be out and say who we are. I am a witch. Come and find out who I am," said Kyrja.

The couple is trying raise money to pay for a security system. Here is a link to their fundraisng site.

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