Third teen arrested and charged with brutal beating and death of a homeless man

NEW PORT RICHEY - New Port Richey Police have arrested a teen and charged him with the second-degree murder of a homeless man. 

The teen, and two others, are accused of beating Frank Randolph, 54, on June 25.  Randolph died four days later.

Randolph suffered from edema and could barely walk.  He told police he was laying on his mattress, when three teens started attacking him. According to the New Port Richey police report, the teens threw logs, concrete, and sticks at him. Police say they even urinated all over him. He suffered numerous injuries, including a broken collar bone.

Randolph appeared to be dead by the time people found him. His body was covered in maggots and feces.

Police linked two New Port Richey teens, a 15-year-old and a 17-year-old, to the beatings, but did not have enough evidence to charge the third teen, until today.

According to New Port Richey Det. Greg Williams, the 17-year-old has an extensive criminal history including multiple arrests for battery, burglary, and even threatening to blow up a police station. He, alongside his 15-year-old friend, were both arrested on charges of aggravated battery.

Police say the charges for the two teens will likely be upgraded to second-degree murder as well.

"Justice won't be served until they're in prison," said Randolph's sister Carla Truby. " At 15, 16, and 17 if you don't know it's wrong to beat somebody, if you don't know in your soul that it is wrong to do that, then you don't need to be out on the street."

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