Proposed rules for dogs creating a stink for some residents in New Port Richey


A condo controversy brewing in New Port Richey is pitting neighbor against neighbor.


"Do not penalize the present, responsible dog owners within the building," Elaine McLaughlin said. She has lived in the Seaview Place at Gulf Landings condos complex for almost a year now. She feels management is picking on her.


The target, her two dogs Misty and Mack. "To me that is unfair and unjust," Elaine said.


Elaine says that on December 22, a board member knocked on her door and handed her a letter. It was possible new rules and regulations regarding dogs. 


"When I read it, I thought this is completely ridiculous," she said.


The part she finds most ridiculous is the DNA registration for dogs. A procedure that would cost $50 per pet.


"Why do responsible dog owners have to be charged that?" Elaine asked.


"It's been totally taken out of context," on-site Manager Kathy Hines said. She is the one who proposed the rules. 


"We typically find pee in the elevator, poop in the elevator, poop in front of people's doors, in the hallways, in the stairwells," she said.


They were only meant to be seen by the owner's board, but one of those board members shared it with everyone.


"I think it's a bunch of bull. Because why do we need it? Because a few people complained?" Micahel Karem said.

He sits on the owner's board.


Now, more meetings are scheduled to debate the issue. "I feel it should be trashed completely," Elaine said.


But for now, dogs like Misty and Mack are free to go about their business.

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