Family of crash victim pushes for changes to Moon Lake road

Road has history of crashes

NEW PORT RICHEY - With it's dips and winding turns, Moon Lake Road has always worried Mike and Christine Gilmore.

"The road is so old from the driving every day, there's ruts, and those ruts collect water," said Christine Gilmore.

Then July 2, it happened. On a rainy day, their 17-year-old daughter Courtney lost control of her car.  She and her friend Kimberlee Markou,who was in the passenger seat, were both killed.

And while that pain hasn't gone away, the Gilmore's are now focused on that road. The road they blame for Courtney's death.

They set up a Facebook page titled Moon Lake Road must be fixed now:

"I just feel a responsibility not to just for my daughter and her friend, but for the citizens of Pasco County and anyone else who could get hurt on that road," said Christine.

A road safety audit showed 155 crashes on Moon Lake Road between  2010 and 2012. That includes two deaths and 51 injuries.

A more recent crash happened at the same spot near Bethwood Avenue where Courtney's car hydroplaned.

It even knocked over the cross marking where the two teens died.

The county had plans to widen the road, but when a gas tax was voted down that would have funded the project, it was pushed ahead all the way to 2026.

Officials say they may be other options to make the road safer.

"Whether it be more signs around those corners to say there's a turn coming up or put up some blinking lights that say slow down, we've got staff looking into all the ideas," said Pasco county commissioner Henry Wilson.

The Gilmore's and others wanting Moon Lake Road fixed will meet with Pasco County commissioners next week, hoping something can be done, sooner that 2026.

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