Laser Tag for a great cause, to help a little 6y/o girl get the service dog that could save her life

Fundraiser for 6y/o girl at Xtreme Adventures

Lutz - It was no holds barred as John and Bill take on the morning crew in a fast paced game of Laser Tag. Not only can you see who won but you can also find out how to get in on a great fundraiser for a precious little girl.

6y/o Samantha need a service dog because she is so allergiic to certain foods like, dairy and nuts, if she comes in contact with them she could die. But sadly that costs money, 20-thousand dollars.

So tomorrow in an effort to help Xtreme Adventures located at 24810 State Road 54, Lutz, FL. is holding a fundraiser. It starts at 12 and runs until 4PM and I will be there.

Check out the video to see this place that is geared towards family fun, that I can only describe as Chuck E. Cheese on 5 cans of Red Bull.

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