Man arrested for threatening to kill Pasco Co. Sheriff Chris Nocco

Weapons, ammo, and handcuffs found in his car

LAND O'LAKES, Fla. - Chris Kilgore, 18, was just hanging out with a few friends at a McDonald's on Land O' Lakes Blvd. when he remembers Robert Fernandez pulling up.

Kilgore says Fernandez, 51, tried to befriend them and was acting "erratic."

"It just kept getting more and more weird.  He started acting real strange," said Kilgore.

A homeless man then told the teens that Fernandez had just showed him "a couple guns, ammunition, handcuffs, and other similar items" that he kept in a briefcase in his vehicle.

The homeless man, Christopher McNair, said Fernandez intended to kill Pasco Co. Sheriff Chris Nocco. According to the incident report, Fernandez claimed his ex-wife was dating Nocco, a married man.

"What really caught me was when he started threatening Sheriff Nocco and perhaps his ex-wife," said Kilgore.

Kilgore immediately reported it to some nearby deputies. They caught up with Fernandez in his Toyota FJ Cruiser not too far away.

The report states that Fernandez was adamant there were no weapons in his vehicle and gave the deputies permission to search it.

So they did.

In his trunk they found a black laptop bag. Inside the bag: six old Florida license plates, two 17-round magazines, two pairs of handcuffs, shotgun shells, a chain with an attached strap, one yellow nylon rope, one metal bar, lots of ammunition, and one scythe.

Fernandez denied ever threatening the sheriff, but did insist to deputies that his ex-wife is dating Nocco.

Nocco called him delusional.

"I've never met him. I've never met anybody in his family. That's why it's even more bizarre," Nocco said on Tuesday. "All I can say, is that I think he has delusions. I think he has fantasies. I just hope he doesn't act out on them because if he does, it'll be a very bad day for him."

Fernandez remained in the Land O' Lakes jail on Tuesday. He is being charged with threatening a public official, driving with a suspended license, and violation of a domestic violence injunction which barred him from having firearms, ammunition, or other weapons. There is also a pending warrant against Fernandez for aggravated stalking. 

The sheriff's office says he has no permanent residence and is a threat to flee. Detectives found he is a "viable threat" to Nocco because of his documented violent history.

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