Jury recommends death for John Sexton; man who murdered a 94 year old Pasco County woman

PASCO COUNTY, Fla. - On Tuesday, the jury members who found John Sexton guilty of killing 94-year-old Ann Parlato recommended he be put to death for her murder.

Those same jury members found Sexton guilty of Parlato's 2010 murder last month.

A judge will formally sentence Sexton at a later date.

Sexton was already in custody on a burglary charge when he was charged with Parlato's murder.

In 2010, Pasco County Sheriff Bob White called Parlato's murder scene "worse than any horror movie.  She was mutilated."

Blood evidence from that scene matched blood found on Sexton's clothing, linking him to the murder.

Investigators said he lived less than a mile from Parlato's house and offered to do some work for the woman before he brutally killed her.

Parlato was found dead in her home after a friend went to check on her.

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