Homeless man's dog Handover found

HUDSON, Fla. -  

According to a published post on the Help Find Handover Facebook page, a homeless man's dog has been found and returned to his owner.
The dog, a  blue pitbull named Handover, belongs to James Bryan, a man who lives on the streets in Hudson.
When Bryan's wife gave him the puppy as a gift, she asked him what he was going to call his new pet.  Bryan simply responded, "Hand him over!"   The name stuck.
Handover was Bryan's best friend for the next five years, even after he lost his farm, his car, and most of his personal belongings.  Homeless and living along U.S. 19 in Hudson, Handover was always by Bryan's side.   
That is, until the morning of May 8 when he woke up and Handover was gone. 
"Handover is my best friend.  He's my heart and soul," Bryan said sadly.  "If anybody sees him, please bring him home." 
As reported on the Facebook page, Handover is home, and going to the vet to get checked out and a microchip.
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