First medical cannabis patient receives delivery

Trulieve Delivers to Patient in Pasco County
Posted at 12:23 PM, Jul 23, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-23 12:24:15-04
The CEO of Trulieve, a medical cannabis dispensary, announced Saturday the first home delivery of medical cannabis to a patient in Pasco County suffering from chronic muscle spasms and seizures due to Dystonia.
“Honoring our commitment to a statewide delivery service, we are pleased and proud to announce that the very first patient in the state has received low-THC medical cannabis,” stated Trulieve CEO, Kim Rivers.
Earlier in the week, Trulieve also announced that it was the first dispensary in the State of Florida to receive a formal Authorization to Process and Authorization to Dispense from the Florida Department of Health. 
In addition to announcing that the first actual delivery of medical cannabis to a patient has been achieved, the dispensary also announced its intention to begin in-store sales at its Tallahassee facility within the coming days. It will be the first dispensary to open its doors in the state.
Rivers added, “I have said this before but we really want to thank the Department of Health for their supreme public service during this process. The staff and leadership have been consummate professionals throughout this process and have been accessible and knowledgeable all along the way.”
Trulieve now has the much anticipated Low-THC Cannabis available — for statewide delivery — immediately and will have high-THC Medical Cannabis (also known as “Right to Try”) products available in early August.
Patients who wish obtain an order for the Low-THC Cannabis or higher THC Medical Cannabis products may do so by contacting their physician who can issue an order for these products in accordance with Florida law.
Patients can call 1-844-TRULIEV (878-5438) to schedule delivery. For further information visit