DUI suspect accused of of horrible chain reaction crash on I-75 that hit six people

WESLEY CHAPEL, Fla. - An Wesley Chapel man is accused of driving drunk into a group of young people stopped to change a flat tire on the Interstate.

"Like just like that in an instant we were all just laying on the ground…" explained Nagy Ferguson.  The 24-year-old had just gotten home from the hospital after being treated for a shoulder injury.

"I have a fractured clavicle and scapula," he said. 

But as he continued with his story, we realize that it could have been a lot worse, as he and a car-load of his buddies came in a dark Honda to the rescue of three of their female friends whose white Toyota had a tire blow out on the interstate.

It was stopped in the travel lane, just south of SR 52.  Everyone was out by the cars when 47 year-old John Hegarty came barreling down the road and plowed into them.

"That driver received some very minor injuries," said Sgt. Steve Gaskins of the Florida Highway Patrol. 

"But the more important thing was he was under the influence of alcohol and Highway Patrol Troopers arrested him and took him to the Pasco County Jail."

DUI charges -- as well as Driving on a Suspended  License from an earlier DUI in Texas  were heaped on the Wesley Chapel man.

Even as he watched many of his young neighbors being loaded into Ambulances or Medical Choppers.

"And he was in handcuffs and he was just looking at me," said Nagy. 

"And just by looking at him I could tell he was already drunk, like he had a few too many."

"If you had something to say to him, what would you say?" I asked.

"I don't think I would say anything," said the young man in a sling. 

"I think I would tell the cop to turn his head for a second and I'd punch  him in the face."

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