Dog accidently euthanized at Pasco Animal Services

PASCO COUNTY, Fla. - Pasco Animal Services is changing its procedures after a dog was accidently euthanized there last week.

The Humane Society of North East Florida wanted to rescue the female Pitbull mix from the organization, and eventually planned on naming her Sally.

Sherry Mehl, treasurer for the Humane Society of North East Florida, said, "I sent my email in.  I had it properly constructed.  I sent it to the right people.  I've done it 100 times and so, everything was fine."

But, everything was not fine at the facility.  Director John Malley says during the course of the adoption process, his staff made a grave mistake. "The adoption partner or the rescue group did list five animals, and in the midst of those five animals, one of them was missed and not pulled off the euthanasia list. So there was an error made."

Instead of being put with a forever family, the dog was put to sleep Friday.

Malley says there are steps the facility takes before an animal is euthanized. First, a staff member checks to see if someone requests to rescue the animal. Then, another employee double-checks that request.

Malley has since reviewed and changed the policy. Malley said, "We've assigned a third individual to go through that process and to be involved in all aspects of it. We have additional staff looking at the emails. We have additional staff looking at the euthanasia list."

This incident comes as the shelter tries to move to its goal of saving 90% of its animals. They currently adopt out about 60%.

Malley says he can't guarantee the mistake won't happen again. But he's hopeful the change in policy will help.

If you're part of a rescue group or are looking to adopt an animal, Malley encourages you to visit Pasco Animal Services, on 19640 Dogpatch Lane or call (727) 834-3216.

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