Police after car thieves and school vandals

Pasco High School vandalized overnight

DADE CITY, Fla. - The Dade City police department is looking for whoever trashed Pasco High school overnight.

They say students are the likely suspects and the charges they are facing go well beyond vandalism.

School still went on Friday, but the damage is significant. The Pasco school district says it will cost them about $10.000 and it may have all started when the vandals stole a car.

"Your heart sinks, because this is your home," said Pasco principal Kari Kadlub.

The graffiti was everywhere. On walls and lockers and on a school district van.

One student who left his car parked at school because of a death in the family, had that car vandalized.

Door locks were filled with glue, forcing some students to wait in the football stadium until they could get into their classrooms.

"It's disheartening. You take pride in your schools. We take it very serious. We care for our school, we care for our kids to have a great atmosphere for our learning environment," said Kadlub.

Investigators also found a car parked on campus. It turned out the blue Ford was stolen overnight from the nearby home of Phillip and Elaine Kahabka.

"It's a gang I'm afraid, because they wrote "We're here, 'dem boys. And they put the date on there," said Kahabka.

Along with P-H-S for Pasco High School -- Z-H-S was spray painted on the school, that's the abbreviation for Zephyrhills High School.

But Pasco's principal says there isn't any big game going on between the schools that would make her think
students from Zephyrhills are responsible.

"Typically they are our main rivals, they are our neighboring school. So it's a main rival when you play football or baseball or basketball or any sport with them, but right now, no," said Kadlub.

The Kahabkas, who admit they left the ignition key inside, were able to get the car back, and cleaned off the graffiti without too much trouble.

They also picked up a club for the steering wheel because that key is still missing.

"It's getting scary when this happens, when they go through people's cars and take things," said Kahabka.

The Kahabkas say other cars were broken into overnight and four GPS's were taken.

Officials are hoping anyone with information will come forward.

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