A Bay area tree farm allows people to choose and cut down their own Christmas tree

Been in business for about 30 years


For Carol Billets Christmas doesn't begin until she's found and cut down that perfect Christmas tree.


For the past 25 years, she and her son have come to Lazy Lay Acres Tree Farm in Dade City where they've started a family tradition of picking out a tree. "You get to walk around and see whichever one fits you, fits your ornaments, and smells the best," Carol said.


At Lazy Lay Acres, you can choose from hundreds of trees. The sand pine with thicker branches and little needles, best for hanging those heavy ornaments, or the Southern red cedar. "It's a softer tree. It's a little prickly to the touch, but has a great smell," Leslie Rose said. She helps her father run Lazy Lay Acres.


Those who run this tree farm believe the Carolina sapphire is the future of live Christmas trees here in Florida. They are much fuller, have a bluish-green color, and have a much stronger aroma to them.


Other than creating a family tradition, cutting down your own tree also has some advantages compared to trees you find at some department stores or roadside tents. "The trees are definitely going to be fresher. The roadside tents are shipped from up north and you don't know when they've been cut," Leslie said.


So remember, the fresher the tree cut, the better chance at it surviving through the whole Christmas season.


You can get more information about Lazy Lay Acres by visiting www.lazylayacres.com.

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