Byler sextuplets from Wesley Chapel turn six and for the first time, separated at school

WESLEY CHAPEL, Fla. - The Byler Bunch, five boys and one girl, proudly told Action News their names.

"I'm Brady. I'm Eli. My name is Ryan. I'm Jackson and I'm Charlie," the chimed.

The group has one princess, MacKenzie.

I asked, "How do you like being the only girl?"

I like it!" MacKenzie said.

The six kids may have the same birthday, Sept 1, but they have six very different personalities.

According to mom Karoline Byler, it makes life in their Wesley Chapel home, "Crazy, active, fun, nutty and loud."

Full of togetherness, rarely has the Byler Bunch been apart.  They spent weeks in the NICU together, are recognized in local parades, and last year, they all started kindergarten.  Teachers split them in groups of three so they could keep some of them together.

But this year, as the kids celebrated their sixth birthday, they're back in kindergarten-- not quite ready for the first grade. Mom Karoline said it's a good decision

"So everyone is repeating it, but this year everyone is going to be in separated classes.  So, everyone will be alone and we will see how that goes," Karoline said.

Two weeks into the school year there have been meltdowns.

"Some of them like it.  Some of them don't.  The ones that are more boisterous and outgoing are fine.  The ones more quiet don't. Jackson cried the whole way to school on the first day of school," said Karoline.

It's an adjustment and even more hectic for Karoline and husband Ben.  They, too, now have six different teachers and six different classrooms.

But looking at their little faces makes even the exasperating times moments to cherish.

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