Pasco commissioner's husband cited and fined over the big stink caused by dead cows

SPRING HILL, Fla. - There's a big stink over dead cows in one Pasco County neighborhood.

"I just want something done about this," said Donna Osteen. "We shouldn't have to live like this."

Osteen said she and some of her Spring Hill neighbors are tormented by what goes on at the neighboring ranch.

It's a 15-acre property owned by Pasco County Commissioner Pat Mulieri and her husband James Mulieri.

James Mulieri was warned and cited twice last week for not following a state law and county ordinance requiring dead animals to be buried or burned.

Authorities say a dead cow was disposed of just over this fence from two homes.

"It is atrocious. There are buzzards. Buzzards live on our house. Buzzards live on her house," Osteen said.

A Sheriff's Office report says James Mulieri was agitated and yelled at deputies when they came to investigate.

They say he eventually slammed the door on them.

Authorities returned to the ranch Monday morning and found the cow was finally burned over the weekend. But not before Mulieri racked up $776 worth of fines.

Commissioner Mulieri would not speak on camera to talk about the latest fines.

She told me she's been fighting illness, the weather was bad last week, and her 82-year-old husband had difficulty operating the equipment needed to bury the cow, all contributing to the delay. But this isn't the first time this issue's come up.

In 2012, deputies investigated five dead cows that were left to rot. Osteen wonders how this can continue to go on at the home of an elected official.

"It's like she does no wrong," Osteen said. "She can get away with whatever she wants to do and nothings done."

James Mulieri told deputies he believed his cows were poisoned, but authorities said they have not found evidence of foul play.

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