Ashley, John and Bill, your weekend morning team, take the Mermaid plunge at Weeki Wachee

News team goes under the sea

Weeki Wachee - Located just off US-19 by State Road 50, Weeki Wachee Springs is a bay area landmark or in the case a sea-mark.
The Springs itself is 117 million gallons of fresh 74 degree water bubbling up from the aquifer every day. A miracle in itself until you see the mermaids. These oceanic sirens have been entertaining weary travelers along U.S. 19 since 1947. "We were considered the 8th wonder of the world," Barbara Wynns was part of the aquatic show back in the late 60's and early 70's, would explain. "We were the Cirque du Soleil underwater. We walked tight ropes. We rode surreys. We rode bikes. We ate and drank. We wore costumes."
Over the years things haven't changed that much. The mermaids are as beautiful as ever and the draw to be a mermaid just as strong. Stayce McConnell has been preforming for 14 years. And she is the first to tell you it is not easy. It takes 3 months on average for a girl to swim her first show. So why did they invite your weekend morning team to go for a fin swim? I guess so we could live the mer-life up close and personal. Check out the story to see how we did.

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