Accuser's attorney says Jameis Winston rape investigation mishandled

She wants Bondi to look at Tallahassee police

ZEPHYRHILLS, Fla. - Attorney Patricia Carroll spoke for more than 90 minutes Friday morning at a Zephyrhills park, going over a long list of things she says were mishandled in the rape investigation involving FSU quarterback Jameis Winston.

"It appears to me to be a complete failure of an investigation of a rape case," said Carroll.

She came armed with hundreds of documents. With them, attorney Patricia Carroll laid out dozens of reasons why she says the rape investigation was  botched.

"Do I believe that complete failure of a rape case was related to the fact that this gentleman was on the football team? I do," she said.

Carroll would not go as far as to say authorities in Tallahassee covered anything up.

But she says the investigation had omissions and facts that didn't add up.

Early on she knew there was trouble when she says a detective gave her this warning.

"Your client might want to think long and hard before she precedes with this case because she's going to be raked over the coals and her life is going to be made miserable," said Carroll.

The state attorney's office announced last week, they didn't have enough evidence to charge Winston in the alleged incident that happened December 7th of last year in an off campus apartment.

Two witnesses told investigators the sex was consensual, but both are teammates of Winston.

Carroll says her client believes she was drugged at a bar before the rape and her symptoms prove it.

"She couldn't remember what happened, intermittent memories, immobility. Completely consistent with a date rape or rape drug," said Carroll.

Carroll said while the accuser's urine was tested for drugs, her blood was not.

She also said there are no plans to file a civil law suit against Winston.

According to Carroll, the alleged victim is doing as well as possible and concentrating on taking final exams, although she's no longer on campus in Tallahassee.

"She had to remove herself from the school she loved, that's very devastating to her. So it goes on and on, she's in the middle of a media storm. It goes on and on. She's being attacked."

Late Friday, Governor Rick Scott said the state has no plans to reopen the investigation.

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