A proposed budget cut plan would eliminate 100 media specialist positions in Pasco schools

PASCO COUNTY, Fla - Wearing green and clutching homemade signs, more than 50 media specialists who work at schools in the Pasco County school district rallied to save their jobs Tuesday afternoon.

Superintendent Kurt Browning plan would call for 100 media specialist positions to be eliminated.  He estimates this would save the district about $8 million.  The school district is facing a budget deficit of $23 million for the 2013-2014 school year.

Media specialists perform the job of a librarian, but also teach children and instructors how to use software and things like iPads.

"We aren't cutting the fat now so to speak, we are cutting the muscle," said Ellen Ray, media specialist.

Media specialists will not be laid off.  Instead, they would be reassigned to classrooms. 

"The push is to get us back in the classroom," said Jennifer Wood, a media specialist.  "We are in a classroom.  We are in the biggest community classroom, and that is our school media center."

If the school board accepts Browning's proposal, 30 media specialists would work regionally within the district. 

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