A Pasco family says Curtis Reeves, a suspect in a fatal theater shooting, confronted them at a movie

PASCO COUNTY, Fla - Jamira Dixon and her husband say Curtis Reeves, the retired Tampa police officer suspected of fatally shooting a man inside a theater Monday for texting, also yelled at them during a movie less than a month ago.

Dixon recalls the shivers that went down her spine when she saw Reeves' photo pop up on her cell phone as she drove home from work Monday evening.

Her emotions ran so high, she told ABC Action News she had to pull off on the side of the road and call her husband.

"It could have been us," said Dixon while her eyes welled with tears.

Dixon is referring to Chad and Nicole Oulson. The couple went on a movie date Monday at the Grove theater in Wesley Chapel. The date turned deadly when Chad was shot and killed.

Pasco County deputies say Reeves, a retired Tampa Police captain, shot Oulson because he was texting during the movie's previews.

Oulson was reportedly texting his 3-year-old daughter's babysitter.

Reeves left the theater to get help from an usher, deputies said.  When he returned, deputies say words were exchanged, popcorn went flying and then Reeves opened fire.

Chad's wife was shot through the hand she had put on her husband's chest to protect him, deputies said.

Dixon recalls an eerily similar run-in with Reeves on December 28.

Accompanied by her husband, Michael, their daughter, who happened to be home from the military, and her niece, Dixon says they bought tickets to see The Hobbit at the Grove Theater.

According to Dixon, they sat next to Reeves and his wife.

Dixon admits she was texting on her phone and Reeves became irritated.

Although her phone was on silent and the only thing on was the light on the phone's screen, Dixon says it was enough to send Reeves running to find an usher.

"When the staff left, he became more irate.  He became just upset about the whole situation.  He kept staring, kept giving us dirty looks," she explained.

Wanting to avoid anymore trouble, Dixon told ABC Action News she turned off her cell phone.

According to Dixon, Reeves didn't stop. Instead, she watched as Reeves allegedly stood up and began yelling at another moviegoer to stop texting.

"I was like 'Oh my god!  What is wrong with this guy?'" she said.

Dixon claims that is when Reeves turned his attention back to her.  At the time, Dixon got up to take her niece to the bathroom.

"He followed me to the bathroom. I felt very uncomfortable," she explained.

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