Decades of delay anger family of murder victim

STARKE, Fla. -  

Jeff Nelson hugged each person who joined his family on the long journey to justice.

He was only 12 years old when his only sibling, Elisa, was murdered.

"There are no winners here.  His (Larry Mann) death does not bring Elisa back, nor does it end our sorrow," Nelson said.

It took 32 years to get to this day.

Surrounded by dozens of friends and family, Nelson said there is little relief after watching Elisa's confessed killer, Larry Mann, die. There is only hurt and anger.

"It makes no sense to us how a man can admit to a crime as terrible as this one, be found guilty of that crime, then argue for 32 years he didn't get a fair trial.  It's a mockery of our legal system," said Nelson.

Mann did not speak, he only wrote a note reciting scripture, Romans 6:23.

A lethal mix of chemical cocktails ended his life in just 15 minutes.

Nelson said it was a far cry from how his sister died.  Evidence showed she avoided sexual assault by fighting back.  Her body was found in an orange grove.

Nothing will bring back the golden-haired girl who loved baseball and animals, but by speaking, the Nelsons want their message heard.

"After 32 years, we can finally close this chapter in our lives.  But all of us should be concerned for the families coming through the system behind us," Nelson said.

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