Exotic animals rescued from home in need of adoption at SPCA

LARGO, Fla. -  More than 300 exotic animals at an adoption event in largo today will definitely turn some heads.

"We've got some rats, we've got some mice, and we've got bearded dragons available today," Martha Boden, CEO of SPCA Tampa Bay said.

All of them are in need of homes.

"All these animals needed fresh bedding, independent space, a lot of them better food, and better water," Boden said.

In cages spread across several rooms here at the SPCA of Tampa Bay.

"We're in my office, and I'm sharing my space with hedgehogs," Boden said.

 "There just lounging in their cages it's wonderful.. They're just waiting to go home with somebody? Absolutely.. Forever homes," said Hayley McManus, SPCA Animal Care Supervisor.

Animals you might not think to find at a shelter like this, you may ask why they are all here.

 "This is the biggest confiscation in our history," Boden said.

That bust happening back on January 9 in Oldsmar. With just under 300 animals removed, that's four truck loads! 

Some of them pregnant and ready to give birth. All ending up here at the SPCA.

Hours and hours of work, cleaning, separating, and saving these animals lives, all to get them ready.

"There doing great! A lot of them have gained weight, their hair looks so much better. Compared to what they looked like when they came in, they're wonderful!" McManus said.

Starting today, these exotic and unusual pets are ready for adoption.

SPCA Tampa Bay is located at 9099 130th Avenue Largo, Fla. They can be contacted at (727) 849-1048


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