Recess returns to Curtis Fundamental Elementary in Dunedin

Parents and students raise money for monitors

DUNEDIN, Fla. - "I really actually wanted to have recess so bad," recalled fourth-grader Ian Seibert.

For more than ten weeks, students at Curtis Fundamental Elementary School in Dunedin, had been suffering from recess withdrawal.

"I was really disappointed," Seibert remembers when he found out there would be no recess this year.

Principal Pam Metz-Easley explained that last year, school support staff were able to monitor the recess periods.

"This year, because of changes in schedules and needs for those support staff to be other places, we were unable to staff it," explained Metz-Easley.

A Rescue Recess Campaign was launched October first by parents.  The goal was to raise $10,000 in one month to pay for two recess monitors. 

A group of students quickly jumped in with an idea of their own--- selling rainbow loom bracelets for $1 each.

"We sold them to any kids that wanted them.  Or we could just sell them in our neighborhood and at restaurants.  I even sold them at my soccer tournament," said Seibert.

The kids were well on their way to helping the adults rescue recess.

Another fourth-grader, Gavin Johnston, was optimistic, but not convinced it would work.

"I really just thought we were going to make maybe a hundred dollars at the most.  But then we ended up making over $700.  That was kind of shocking to me," he said.

Then, last week with the efforts of parents, students and the community, the $10,000 was raised and recess was back on the schedule.

On Monday, the sound of children at play returned to the school.

"Most of the time, the adults don't think we can do as much as them, but when they let us do something, we can accomplish way more," Johnston said.


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