Some local scouts got a much needed donation today

Their trailer was stolen back in October


A group of local scouts out of Clearwater got a much needed donation today.


Scout Master Louis Mahalinec has been on a roller coaster of emotions for the past few weeks. "You go through all the emotions of being upset, angry, wondering what you could've done differently," Louis said.


Last month a trailer belonging to Louis' Boy Scout Troop and sister Girl Scout Troop 222 was stolen. 


After what happened today, that emotional roller coaster Louis is on, carried thoughts of joy and thankfulness. "We service about 60 kids, so when you got us this trailer that's how many kids you are touching in this process," he said.


A brand new $2,200 trailer donated by Jim O'Dell. He is a former Boy Scout himself and after seeing the story about the scout's loss, he knew he had to do something to help.


He didn't have to look very far though, because he's the owner of O'Dell's Trailer and Parts in Largo. "I just know how important it is and how hard it was for these guys to raise their funds to get their dreams taken away so as hard as it was we decided to step forward and do it," Jim said.


Now the Scouts get to go back doing things they love doing. Like taking trips. "We have three canoe trips coming up between now and June, and then the girl scouts are also going on a canoe trip before June," Louis said.


Those trips will teach the boys and girls of Troop 222 some life lessons, but the biggest life lesson of all, they've already learned through the kindness of one man's heart. "You know that you can actually trust people and there are good people out there," Hunter Mahalinec said. He is the Senior Patrol Leader of the troop 222.

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