Newborn found dead at Clearwater fire station

Cause of death pending autopsy

CLEARWATER, Fla. - People living on Sky Harbor Drive say it goes without saying.  What happened at Fire Station 49 in Clearwater is shocking and devastating.

Investigators say a newborn baby was left at the front door of the station sometime Friday morning.  While investigators still search for the person who left the baby, people living in the area say they are torn apart by the news.  Some of them, like Kevin Walker, were even brought to tears.

"I hate to see something like that," said Walker.  "It's terrible."

Detectives believe the child was less than a day old.

Walker is a retired police officer with 30 years of service.  He said his time on the force still doesn't help him digest something as horrific as this. 

"Unbelievable.  I mean, I walk by here every morning.  I mean, why?  Its shocking and its sad," Walker said.

Investigators tell ABC Action News firefighters found the baby around 7:20 Friday morning when they went out to get the paper.

"We don't know how long it was there and we don't know who left it there," said Elizabeth Watts with the City of Clearwater.  "These are things we are trying to figure out."

Watts says under Florida's Safe Haven Law, a person can bring a baby seven-days-old or younger to a fire station or other designated safe haven location, no questions asked.  However, the baby must be turned over to someone inside the building. 

Those working the case say they are relying on one thing in particular to help them find the person who did this. 

"We will be checking to see if surveillance video in the area caught anything.  Obviously that's one of the leads we hope turn out for us," said Watts.

Until there are more answers, people like Walker will still have questions. 

"To have a young child just left there," said Walker.  "It leaves me almost just speechless."

The official cause of death will be released after the results of the autopsy become available.

Detectives need your help. If anyone has information about this case or knows of a female who was recently pregnant and is no longer pregnant and is now without a child, please contact Clearwater Police Department's general number 562-4200 or the Tip Line 562-4422.

People with information can also remain anonymous by sending information to 847411 (tip411).

Anonymous web tips can also be submitted through the Police Departments website at or on Facebook at

Follow this link to learn more about the A Safe Haven for Newborns:


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