Man arrested, accused of attempting to set fertilizer on fire at Clearwater bus stop

CLEARWATER, Fla. - There were some tense moments Sunday morning in a Clearwater neighborhood after a man was spotted trying to light a bucket on fire at a bus stop.

"It's pretty bizarre," Craig Sarvis said.  Bizarre enough to shut down a busy street for a few short hours. 

Shortly before 10am, as Sarvis was working out inside his home at the corner of Stetson Drive and Sunset Point Road, his mother came running in.  "Said there was a guy on the bench out behind the house who was there when she left and he was still there, but now he had a bucket that was on fire," Craig said.

Craig ran outside to the bus bench directly adjacent to the back of his house. There he found a small bucket on fire. "So I kicked it over and was going to put it out and it had a bunch of stuff," he said.

He also found a man standing nearby. "He was just saying that it didn't work, it didn't work, it's not mine, it's not mine and just slowly put his hands in his pockets and walked away," Craig said.

Craig ran back inside and called 911. Police arrived and arrested the man a few blocks away. Police identified him as Constantine Tambourakis. "It took three of them to get him," Craig said. "He kind of locked up and didn't want to put his arms behind his back."

Police and fire crews shut down the area and called in the bomb squad. Shortly before 12pm technicians from the Tampa Bomb Squad came out to take a look at the device.

They discovered the bucket was full of fertilizer and safely removed it. "I'm just glad he wasn't too educated on what he appeared to be doing," Craig said.

Police later learned from the suspect's family he was doing similar things yesterday with smaller amounts of fertilizer. They also told them he has a history of mental illness and is currently off his medication.

Tambourakis is charged with making a destructive device.

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