Keith Williamson's family won't stop asking questions about how the motorcyclist died


The parents of a motorcyclist who died after a high-speed chase are speaking out, saying they won't stop digging for the truth about what happened that night. 
We first brought you this Clearwater Police dash camera video just a week ago. It shows what happened in late February on the Courtney Campbell Causeway seconds before motorcyclist Keith Williamson crashed into a cruiser as he pulled into traffic. 
Clearwater Police are still denying a high-speed chase took place, saying they were attempting a traffic stop but abandoned it. Bikers that were with Williamson that night say the video is proof the officer chased them and Williamson's parents say the department's lies to cover it up keep them from moving forward. 
"Why is he passing all of these motorcycles - Not speeding though, according to them - and running up to the front?" asks Williamson's father. 
"The truth only hurts a little bit. Then you move on. The longer they drag this out, the harder it is for everybody," Williamson's mother said.
Meanwhile Clearwater Police released an internal report that shows the officer accelerated to speeds up to 145 mph. FHP is still investigating this incident. 
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