Few clues in mother-daughter murder-suicide

Deputies call case a 'rare' murder-suicide

CARROLLWOOD, Fla. - Neither the mother nor the daughter have been arrested.  There are no records of domestic violence.  Neighbors described the house as peaceful and private.  

It all combines for a difficult case for investigators trying to piece together what led a 68-year old mother to murder her daughter, and then turn the gun on herself.

"My whole family really doesn't know anything," said a stunned Jeb Burch, the cousin of Tracey Hill, 46, who was found in a bedroom at her Carrollwood home, shot in the head.

Hillsborough County sheriff's deputies said Julia Hill called 9-1-1 and explained how she killed her daughter.  Deputies came to the house at 4526 Grainary Avenue and found Hill on the floor bleeding, next to a .38 calibre handgun.

"They asked her what happened, and she said she had shot herself after she had shot her daughter," said Larry McKinnon with the Sheriff's Office.

Hill would die before deputies could get answers about what led to the shootings.  

Neighbors were equally as stunned.  Renee Lesher said she respected the Hill's privacy, but was always available if they wanted help.

"I always told her, if you need anything you just let me know.  Just knock on my door," Lesher said.  "It's painful.  It's definitely painful."

Walter Bialo, who also lives near the Hill's home, said he couldn't fathom a reason for a mother to kill her only child.

"When somebody takes the life of somebody they're supposed to love, it's a sad, sad situation," Bialo said.  

Investigators are reviewing notes found inside the house, but said there are no obvious signs of distress.  The concern is that Julia Hill may have taken the reason for the murder-suicide to her grave.

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