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New program helps frightened pets become adoption ready at local shelter

Posted at 3:08 PM, Oct 07, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-07 18:29:28-04

An animal shelter can be frightening for some pets and it may lead to behavioral issues.

A new program at The Pet Resource Center is helping animals become adoption ready.

Maya is a stray that was found two weeks ago. When the 2-year-old pup first came to the Pet Resource Center she was a nervous wreck.

The PRC has converted three rooms into what they call Real Life Rooms, for dogs like Maya.

Dogs that are under socialized or have medical needs are moved to the rooms equipped with furniture, toys and ambient music. This lets the staff know what the dog needs to acclimate to adoption.

“Some dogs if they’re younger or if they haven’t been in a home environment with much structure, they might not be able to be in a room with rugs and blankets and stuff on the table, they might need a little less. And then we kind of work on potty training not chewing stuff up,” said Jordan Hayes, Wellness Coordinator.

The shelter says the kennel environment can not only be stressful for animals who live there but also for the people who take care of them. The Real Life Rooms also allow staff to relax with the dogs and relieve some stress, as well.