Possible sinkhole forces evacuation of Seffner duplex

SEFFNER, Fla. - A possible sinkhole has forced two Seffner families out of their homes. They were evacuated Tuesday night from a duplex at 5315 Peach Avenue after the floor began to buckle.

When Jessica Alfaro came to her father's house for a visit, she noticed cracks in the walls and humps in the floor.

"I sat down on the couch and I was like, this could be a sinkhole, like, there's a lot in Seffner going on," she said.

That was only the beginning for Alfaro.  "So as I'm like walking back to go sit on the couch...like I felt the floor move a little.  I  was like holy moly, like, are you serious?"  

With her dad confined to a wheelchair, Alfaro's thought was to get everyone out of the house before the floor gave way.

"When you hear it, like the floor groaning, like errrrr, like the tile cracking, like something's moving down there.  I was like, okay, that's not safe," she said.  

Alfaro called 911.  Code enforcement arrived and ordered a voluntary evacuation of both sides of the duplex and placed warning stickers on the windows.  Not reassuring to neighbors like Jennifer Heinz, who immediately had thoughts about the deadly Seffner sinkhole that took the life of Jeff Bush several weeks ago.

"Very scary.  I didn't know what to expect really because it's right down the street, you know?  You never know if it could happen in your own back yard," Heinz said.

Keith Simpson was also evacuated from the duplex and was being assisted by the Red Cross for new living arrangements. He managed to smile about a serious situation.

"My stuff sinks in the hole then I guess that's it.  I don't know," he said.

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