Woman identified in Brandon double homicide

Charles Martinez surrendered at county courthouse

BRANDON, Fla. - A man named as a person of interest in a double homicide case in Brandon has turned himself in to the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office.  Charles Martinez, 24, was with his attorney at the county courthouse but was quickly taken to a local hospital after suffering medical issues, according to deputies.

The bodies of two women were found in a burned out unit at 1528 Highland Ridge Circle in the Carlisle Club Townhomes complex Thursday afternoon.  The fire damage went unnoticed for at least a day before someone living nearby after smelling the burned out stench and called 9-1-1.

Lindsay Greene, 25, was positively identified by the medical examiner Friday afternoon.  The name of the second victim had not been released as of 6:30 Friday evening.

The townhouse unit was completely charred by the fire that investigators believe was intentionally set after the murders to cover up the crime scene.  

The fact that no one initially called about the incident was no surprise to Irene Oliveira, a neighbor.  

"People here don't do anything," Oliveira said.  "If you smell smoke, call the fire department."

Joseph Desmarais, the president of the homeowners association, said he has three daughters of his own and could relate to what Lindsay Greene's family is dealing with.

"I thought of her like my daughter," Desmarais said.  After talking with the victim's mother, Desmarais said she was distraught.

"Very bad.  Like me, ready to cry because it's tough," Desmarais said.

Sheriff's investigators said they wanted to talk with Martinez because of his close ties to the victims, and because of his long criminal record.

"He was the last person with them," said Larry McKiinnon with the Hillsborough Sheriff's Office.  "You combine that with the fact that he has a violent history and he has two warrants of armed home invasion and false imprisonment," McKinnon said.

Desmarais said while his first reaction to the killing was sadness, now he's outraged, and wants the maximum penalty for whoever was involved.

"This person, whoever it is, has no heart," Desmarais said.  "I would be in Clint Eastwood's shoes and I would want that judge to hang 'em high."


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