Deputies: 15-year-old tried to kidnap neighbor's 5-year-old son

Mother caught teen in son's bedroom

BRANDON, Fla. -  

It's a parent's worst nightmare.  "She heard glass shatter and she started hearing her little boy screaming and crying," Adriana Calleja said. She is the next door neighbor to Franyeli Martinez-Rodriguez. She also interprets for Franyeli since she doesn't speak English.
Franyeli tells of her frightening experience that happened shortly after 10 on Friday night. As she was showering her 5-year-old son was asleep in his bedroom.
After hearing glass break and her son scream she ran to his room. There she found a young man holding her son in his arms. . "He looked at her into her eyes like really serious. He kind of flinched and that's when the moment she just right away reacted and started grabbing her son away from him," Adriana said.
Saturday morning there was still broken glass around the outside if the child's bedroom window. The window to his room was replaced.
Hillsborough County deputies say the suspect used his tennis shoes to break the window and get inside. "Her main thing was hurry up and get her son away from this guy whoever he was in there," Adriana said.
Franyeli was able to free her son and push the man out the window. Deputies arrived and searched the area but found nothing.
But then a surprise at her apartment complex; a person matching the young man's description. Turned out it was a 15-year-old-boy. An upstairs neighbor who lives right above Franyeli's apartment.  "A couple of days ago, what was going on, she would see this young boy and some other boys or guys whatever, in the car. So in her mind she was like did they kick him out because it was every night, every time she walked in he was in the car just watching her," Adriana said.
The teen was arrested and charged with burglary and attempted kidnapping. As for Franyeli, she may move away. "She's so scared now that she basically now sleeping with a knife under her pillow," Adriana said.
Hoping not to have to live thorough another nightmare like this again.
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