Wallets and purses have reportedly been stolen from cars parked outside of gyms in Hernando County

HERNANDO COUNTY, Fla - A string of car break-ins at Hernando County gyms has Sheriff Al Nienhuis reminding the public to not leave valuables inside their vehicles.

Over the last few days, Hernando County Deputies and Brooksville Police Officers have responded to several vehicle burglaries at gyms and physical fitness establishments.

Thieves are targeting items such as purses, wallets, and other valuable items that are commonly left inside of a locked vehicle while at this type of establishment.  

Suspects are apparently breaking widows to get to the desired items that are in plain view.

The Sheriff is recommending you take valuables inside the business with you and place them in a locker rather than leave them inside the vehicle.   If lockers are not available, take only your driver's license, cash and/or a credit card and carry these items on your person.

Another option, if carrying your purse or wallet is necessary, is to lock the items in the trunk of the vehicle, the Sheriff added.

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