Two cases MRSA confirmed at Hernando High School

HERNANDO COUNTY, Fla. - Two cases of the potentially deadly infection MRSA have been confirmed at Hernando High School.

"I heard about it through the office one day when I was in. They said that the football players had it," said Debi Jotta , a grandmother.

Earlier this year, the infection sidelined two Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

"Course, I heard about the Bucs and so forth," Jotta said.

But MRSA will not keep two Hernando High School football players from putting on their pads and helmets, which is a concern for some parents and grandparents.

"Oh my grandson, was a football player. Really! Oh, wow and I know what MRSA is," said Katherine Tabor.

The staph infection can be spread by skin to skin contact, or by sharing items like towels or razors.

"They just grab them. Everybody grabs stuff, ay! Yeah, I'm concerned."

The Hernando Health Department sent parents a letter.  It warned them about two MRSA c ases.

Health department guidelines do not prevent students with MRSA from going to school or school activities.

"They're using the term deep cleaning. So, they're going in and really making a special effort and the cleaning that they're doing is prescribed by the Health Department," said Roy Gordon, from the Hernando County School District.

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