Deer that gored woman sedated, moved

SPRING HILL, Fla. - A deer named Vinny was removed Monday from a Spring Hill wildlife sanctuary where it gored a woman in the eye.

Vinny was sedated and then removed from Survival Outreach Sanctuary in Spring Hill by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. FWC spokesman Gary Morse said it wasn't clear where the deer's new home would be, but added it will be a place that is safe and secure.

On Friday, the 75-year-old sister of the sanctuary's owner was attacked by the deer. Doctors removed the woman's right eye. She remains hospitalized.

A week before the deer attack, one of the sanctuary's lions dug out of its cage. Savannah never made it off the sanctuary's fenced-in property, but its escape attempt made national news.

The sanctuary's owner received a misdemeanor citation for improper caging that allowed an animal to escape.

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