School district CFO to be investigated over 'sex blog'

Pornography and explicit posts done at work?

HERNANDO COUNTY, Fla. - Inside the Hernando County School District offices, the chief financial officer was doing more than just working on the budget.

The Tampa Bay Times reports Desiree Henegar spent a lot of time posing to what she called her 'sex blog' on the website Tumblr.

Henegar confirmed to the Times that she blogged with the username Floridagirl46.

We found the blog is now deactivated, but before it was shutdown The Times reports she posted numerous pornographic and sexually explicit entries, sometimes during board meetings.

I talked to school superintendent Bryan Blavatt Thursday morning. He said he didn't know much lot about what Henegar may have been involved with. Many school employees aren't back until Monday. And he says he hasn't even talked to Henegar yet. But he does expect a full investigation into what went on.

Blavatt also told me the district has clear cut ethics standards when it comes to using social media.

He says Henegar did really well managing the budget during tough financial times, but this type of behavior could be potentially be damaging to her career.

Parent Elise Cole didn't hold back when I asked her what she thought about a school district official posting sexually explicit material while on the job. "I think it's disgusting. I don't know how people can lower themselves to this and when we were kids we didn't have this. So what is this grown woman thinking?"

Not all of the posts were explicit. The Times reports some of them were disparaging remarks about Henegar's "big boss" as well as school board members.

And this post from Floridagirl46 has a quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson and ends with Good Night, Des.

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